Is It Soup Yet?

Friends and family in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and St. Louis may find this odd. Knoxville finally has local news in high definition. WVLT made the switch Sunday night, beating both its competitors to the punch. Their website wisely includes a request from VP/GM Christopher Baker for viewers to be patient:

As with any undertaking of this magnitude, there is a steep learning curve, and certain “bugs” will continue to be worked out over the next few days. Thank you in advance for your patience while we work through this transition, and bearing with us through any potential growing pains that may occur. Please don’t hesitate to offer your thoughts and feedback as we go along. Contact us at:

The glitches have been minor and are easily forgivable. However I couldn’t help but be amused on Monday during Chef Walter’s cooking segment, which I try to watch every day. Like the pre-HD days, they listed the ingredients in a graphic across the lower third of the screen. The new technology will require new camera angles because in the first high-def show, it looked as if Chef Walter dumped all the Navy Bean Soup ingredients directly into the graphic.

Chef Walter adds tomatoes to Navy Bean Soup Chef Walter adds ham chunks to Navy Bean Soup Chef Walter adds hot sauce to Navy Bean Soup



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