Camel Trio

inflatable Nativity scene spotted in Knoxville Is that Yukon Cornelius and his brothers or three wise men? That’s what I asked myself as I drove past a holiday inflatable the other day. Today is the traditional date for the Epiphany, although the Church celebrates it on the second Sunday after Christmas. Unlike all the reindeer, snowmen and Santas that populate front lawns during Advent, this inflatable was a nativity scene. Several years ago, I saw inflatable manger scenes on a store shelf. Back then, the inflatables did not include the Magi.

Three Kings Day is a big enough deal to warrant a parade in New York today. There’s another one in Brooklyn, but not until Sunday. Locally, St. Albert the Great Parish has a presentation on the Star of Bethlehem tonight at 7:00 that piques my interest. I’m not sure if they are going to watch a DVD with that title or discuss a book that says Jesus was probably born on April 17. I may have to show up just to find out.

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