World Infamous

Kevin & Bean Losers Singles Party - Air Supply Kevin & Bean Losers Singles Party - Armenian Comedian Of all the themed Kevin & Bean singles parties, the Losers Singles Party is perhaps the most memorable. I wrote about it in 2007 when I saw my second Air Supply concert while at a Children’s Miracle Network convention. The ’80s icons rocked the house at the mid-’90s KROQ event. It was my job to persuade them to participate.

Kevin & Bean Losers Singles Party - Jimmy Kimmel Kevin & Bean Losers Singles Party - Frank Murphy Bill Smith was the KROQ employee who had the foresight to videotape various events and stunts. He sent a Facebook message to several former colleagues that he had found those old tapes. The first video he posted online is of the legendary Losers Party. In it, you can see me, Jimmy Kimmel, Michael the Maintenance Man, Tazy Phyllipz, Lisa May, the Armenian Comedian and many others. Sadly, the tape stops when Air Supply starts.

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