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2010 Christmas ornaments - Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee Rather than buy a souvenir that takes up counter space, my wife and I buy Christmas ornaments to commemorate our travels. Last week at the Loveless Cafe on the outskirts of Nashville, I overheard someone explaining that they do the same thing. We both walked out of the gift shop with one of their spiffy ornaments. We have more ornaments than fit on our tree but it means that each year we can display a different combination.

2010 Christmas ornaments - Gateway Arch in St. Louis After several trips to St. Louis, I finally went up in the Gateway Arch this past March. We got a nice ornament in the underground gift shop beneath the Arch. It has me thinking I may need to make a return trip to Fanning, Missouri. I have a World’s Largest Rocker refrigerator magnet I bought on the day the rocker rocked but I would like to have a Christmas ornament of it too. I called them today and suggested it.

2010 Christmas ornaments - FBI, Coeur d'Alene, National Archives This August, I went on a field trip with the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association. At FBI Headquarters, I bought a discounted ornament in the employee gift shop. That same day, my kids and I visited the National Archives and bought a Christmas gift for my wife. We found an ornament that reminded us of “1776,” the greatest musical ever written about the Declaration of Independence.

2010 Christmas ornaments - Seattle Space Needle The ornament hanging between the ones from the FBI and the National Archive is from our July trip to the Northwest. It is hand painted with a scene of beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. After Idaho, we went to Seattle to visit my friend Bean and his wife. We got an ornament on sale at the Space Needle. You can see the portrait of Hamptons-native Julia Tyler on the 1993 White House Ornament in the background.

2010 Christmas ornaments - Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris Bean and his wife visited the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris over the summer. They sent us a beautiful stained glass ornament that looks great on the tree. Unfortunately, my limited photography skills don’t do it justice. Maybe we were supposed to hang it by a window.

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