Proud to Serve

Each September 11, I try to post something about my cousin Terry Hatton. He was the captain of FDNY Rescue 1 and lost his life in the line of duty at the World Trade Center. I recently received an email from a firefighter with the Country Fire Authority in Mount Martha, Australia.

Dear Frank,

A very big hello from Australia!.

My name is Nathan Bentley and I am a firefighter from Victoria, Australia.

I came across your blog whilst searching for information about your cousin, Capt. Terry Hatton.

Let me say firstly, thank you very much for sharing your stories and memories of your cousin, it gave me a better insight into what a sensational firefighter/person your cousin was. If more people were like him, the world would be a better place.

Being a firefighter myself, I look up to Terry. I class him as one of my biggest inspirations for being a firefighter, I guess I class him as a “hero”. I know I never got to meet him, however from reading all the stories and memories of him, I feel as a fellow firefighter I can learn a lot from his work ethic and love for the job. I hope one day, that I can become as good a firefighter as Terry.

I recently purchased a memorial bracelet online with Terry’s name on it. I wear it every day with pride 🙂

Thank you very much for your time.

Kind Regards,

Nathan Bentley

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