Manure Maneuver

Governor-elect Bill Haslam walks down Gay Street in a Christmas parade Ashley and Sherry Johnston as grand marshals of a Christmas parade in Knoxville Knoxville City Council members ride a balloon sculpture float Governor-elect Bill Haslam hopped out of a car and started walking down Gay Street just after passing us at the Christmas parade in downtown Knoxville last night. The grand marshals were Ashley and Sherry Johnston from “The Biggest Loser.” Members of the Knoxville City Council didn’t mind riding on a float with some real airheads. They were surrounded by balloon sculptures.

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling ring in a Christmas Parade in Knoxville good-sounding band performs in a Christmas parade on Gay Street My wife heard someone say they were most impressed by the actual ring from Tennessee Mountain Wrestling. I enjoyed a rockabilly band doing Christmas songs. I looked but saw nothing to identify them. Do you know who they are?

West High School band avoids dirtying their shoes Carter High School has a very large band and sounds great. Christian Academy of Knoxville has a much smaller band by comparison and also sounds great. As they passed us, only Grainger High School played a non-secular Christmas song. The band from West High School had to dodge a pile left by a horse with a faulty diaper. The crowd watched intently to see what would happen. Cars and floats veered right to keep it between their wheels. Several entries later, a dance team was the first to step in it.

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