Lonely Joe

Single-use coffee makers and refills Can someone explain to me the appeal of single-serve coffee makers? First of all, who drinks just one cup of coffee? If I wanted only one cup, all I would have to do is put the appropriate amount of water and grounds into my old-fashioned coffeemaker. There are new drip brew coffeemakers with bells and whistles that look good to me. If my old machine ever breaks, I would only want to replace it with one that allows me to use coffee from any source, including the local roasters that I enjoy.

Once you buy a single-serve machine, aren’t you then stuck using their “K-Cups” or “T-Discs” or whatever? That’s how they get you. It’s like printer ink. Besides, I wouldn’t want to end up with whichever brand turns out to be the Betamax that loses to VHS in this technological battle.

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4 Responses to Lonely Joe

  1. Keith Ely says:

    These machines would be good for a business where everyone likes a different flavored coffee. Like you, for home use, the old faithful “Mr. Coffee” will do just fine. Why should I have to wait a minute for a cup to brew when I can pour it in a few seconds?

  2. Bob says:

    A fresh cup of joe anytime, no waiting, and many many differnt tastes. Including hot choclate and hot cider. I love mine!

  3. Mike Cohen says:

    Suppsoe there are two coffee drinkers and one likes Kona and the other French Roast. Both can have exactly what they want. Which one? Which one has invested millions and created hundreds of jobs in Knoxville? That would be Green Mtn and Kureig K-cups. I love mine. Also…you can buy a reuseable K-Cup and just put in your own coffee.

  4. paula says:

    yeah I don’t get the point of these either!

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