Fall on Your Knees

Several recent recordings of “O Holy Night” have spoiled me. Artists like Point of Grace make the song sound like a beautiful prayer being sung. The other day I heard an old recording of Bing Crosby on our local all-Christmas Christian station. Bing does a fine job with “O Holy Night” but I didn’t feel that he was as emotionally connected to the lyrics as say, Josh Groban. As it played, I imagined him recording the track and “Mele Kalikimaka” back-to-back, before taking a lunch break. If Bing weren’t a famous recording star, I could imagine him as a cantor at one of the big Catholic churches popular with celebrities like Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills or St. Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood, where I once sat next to Dolores Hope.

Bing sounds like Pavarotti compared to an intentionally bad version of “O Holy Night” by Steve Mauldin. One of the deejays at the Christmas station posted a link to it on her Facebook page. I don’t know if they dare play it on the radio.

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