Dismembers Only

One word I expected to see was missing from a news article titled “Dismembered bodies all too common in South Florida.” The missing word is “Dexter.” For five seasons, the fictional vigilante serial killer has been chopping up his victims and dumping them in the ocean off Miami. Now, all of a sudden, the Sun Sentinel is reporting on the real thing. Dismembered bodies are harder to identify. Establishing time since death can help police determine a victim’s identity, which is  proof the Sunshine State needs its own body farm.

A couple of years ago I read “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” by University of Florida forensic anthropologist Dr. William Maples. His writing style portrayed an arrogance that made me think he would have only opened a body farm if he could pass it off as his own idea.

On the same day last week, The Atlantic published a story about the new body farm in Pennsylvania and the News Sentinel published a story about the bones collected at the original Body Farm in Knoxville.

The fifth season of “Dexter” has been very good. It’s tough for them to top last year’s outstanding Trinity Killer storyline. However the story of Lumen, played by Julia Stiles, has been excellent. The only thing tarnishing the current season has been a weak subplot involving Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta and some drug kingpins she was taking down. This new behind-the-scenes video has some great insight about the spark of humanity that Lumen has illuminated within Dexter Morgan.

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