Carol Freely is giving away Christmas songs again this year. “25 Days of Free” offers a new MP3 download each December day until Christmas. Generally, the promotion provides an opportunity to try a song or an artist that may be unfamiliar. I click on the “play samples” button before deciding whether to download the track. If you click around the site, you can find literally thousands more free holiday songs.

New Nerdist contributor Perry Simon posted a link at his day job to an entertaining review of this year’s Christmas albums. Sean Daly panned Wilson Phillips and Jackie Evancho but was surprised that he liked Susan Boyle’s album. just published a list of 100 Hot Holiday Songs, based on sales and airplay from the 2009 season. Mariah Carey deservedly has the #1 spot with “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Three different versions of “Last Christmas,” a personal favorite, land in the top 20. The atrocious “The Christmas Shoes” comes in at #12. The whole list is worth perusing. For some reason, a lot of good songs ended up ranked between 41 and 60.

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