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Which came first, the Pumpple or the Cherpumple? Two weeks ago, I posted links to the Today Show segment of Kathie Lee and Hoda tasting the Pumpple Cake from the Flying Monkey Patisserie in Philadelphia. The Pumpple is a pumpkin pie baked inside a chocolate cake and an apple pie baked inside a yellow cake, layered and smothered with buttercream frosting.

Last Saturday, The Wall Street Journal featured the Cherpumple on page one. It is a cherry pie baked inside a white cake, a pumpkin pie baked inside a yellow cake and an apple pie baked inside a spice cake. The Cherpumple was created by showman/author/humorist/ambassador of Americana Charles Phoenix… in 2009.

The year-old video of Charles Phoenix baking a Cherpumple went viral over the weekend. As my wife and I watched it on her Facebook news feed, it seemed familiar to me. I’m pretty sure one of our friends in Burbank sent us the same link last Christmas. He often sends us links to Charles Phoenix’s Slide of the Week. Another friend of mine, Richard Cheese, often sends me links to Charles Phoenix events. If I were in California, I would love to go see his retro Disneyland and retro Christmas slide shows.

Earlier this year, the Slide of the Week featured a 1957 photo of a woman enjoying her View-Master. Just yesterday I listened to the new CD by Richard Cheese’s alter-ego Johnny Aloha, which is designed to look like a View-Master reel.

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  1. Mike Cohen says:

    Makes an excellent dessert after a hearty meal of Turducken.

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