Scanned in Avia

foot covers at Nashville International Airport The Southwest Airlines greeter must have thought our son was an unaccompanied minor. She suggested that my wife and I should get gate passes. I briefly imagined myself going through the TSA body scanner but was soon told that Frank Jr. was too old to have Mom and Dad go with him. The ticket clerk could see on his license that he was over 18.

I had heard a news report that morning about who gets the scans and pat downs. The reporter said that people who trigger the metal detectors get the extra screening. Frank Jr. made sure to have no metal on him. He even chose a sweatshirt with a plastic zipper. Needless to say, he breezed through the checkpoint without being scanned or patted.

Cut a Rug sign at Nashville International Airport The last time I took him to Nashville International Airport, a guitarist was playing in the lounge near Starbucks. We made plans to meet in that same spot next month when he comes home for Christmas.

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