Hail? No.

It was a very bad night to be a Redskins fan. I chose to stop reading my Twitter feed for the evening to avoid the gloating from Eagles fans. They were posting after every score, which was a lot. My daughter’s Tweets come straight to my phone. I felt bad for her during the first quarter when she wrote: “Being a lifelong Redskins fan, I have grown used to disappointment. These last 6 minutes, however, have been utterly painful.”

I watched the game until the end, hoping for some sort of silver lining. The official Redskins Blog tried to find one too. To say they only lost by 31 after trailing by 38 isn’t saying much. No matter how many points the Eagles racked up, it still only counts as one win for them. And no matter how bad the Redskins looked, it still only counts as one loss. The Skins can either let it ruin their season or they can bounce back next week in Nashville.

Oh, and one more thing. Jennifer Grey deserves to win “Dancing With the Stars.”

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