All the Right Reasons

No, Abby Ham is not scouring my blog for ideas for her “Your Stories” segment on WBIR. It’s just a coincidence that she recently featured two of my favorite people, Dr. Bill Bass and Fr. Ragan Schriver.

Fr. Ragan goes by several nicknames. His niece calls him Bert. (I’m not sure if she was thinking of this Bert or that Bert.) His pals in St. Louis call him Gunner, which derived from them calling him Raygun. Elaine Evans, special projects coordinator for Catholic Charities of East Tennessee, was the only person I knew who called him Fr. Rockstar. Until now. Abby picked up on the nickname and used it several times during her profile.

After the segment, John Becker said that “Fr. Rockstar” is not one of the terms he uses for Fr. Ragan on the tennis court. Robin Wilhoit asked if the letters F and R were still involved.

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