Zombie All You Can Be

Zombies are still hot right now, figuratively speaking of course. I imagine that an actual zombie would be as cold as a regular corpse. George Mason University, my alma mater, is offering a class on the cultural impact of zombies this semester. The students will watch “Shaun of the Dead,” a movie I wanted to see but never have. It airs next weekend on Comedy Central but I would prefer to catch it unedited on a channel like HBO or Showtime.

Locally, the Knoxville Zombie Walk happened on Saturday. The timing seemed more odd than the concept of 300 people in zombie makeup staggering from the Sunsphere to Market Square. They undoubtedly crossed paths with thousands of football fans headed to Neyland Stadium.

We have only one more week to wait before the Halloween-night premiere of AMC’s new zombie series, “The Walking Dead.” Until then, I can listen to Rockapella’s version of “Zombie Jamboree” which is one of my family’s favorite Halloween songs.

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