Surf and Turf

Of all the states that need a body farm, Florida would have to be near the very top of the priority list. It is a constant source of weird news stories, it has alligators and is home to everyone’s favorite fictional serial killer, Dexter Morgan. Fortunately for criminologists, Florida Gulf Coast University is considering creating an “Environmental Forensics Facility” six miles from its campus.

It’s no surprise to me that the idea came from someone with experience at the original Body Farm in Tennessee. Dr. Heather Walsh-Haney of the Division of Justice Studies proposed the study of decomposition in Florida’s climate. Bodies would tend to decay faster there due to the higher temperatures.

Meanwhile in Knoxville, Abby Ham of WBIR featured Dr. Bill Bass on her weekly feature “Your Stories.” My favorite line has to be “skulls are allowed on the dinner table.”

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