Coupon Katie’s husband Shawn tipped me off about free burrito night at the six Knoxville Salsarita’s. The local outlets of the chain were celebrating their tenth anniversary on Monday.

Salsarita's - doorway on free burrito night Salsarita's - line of customers on free burrito night The line at Salsarita’s reached the door when my wife and I arrived but it moved quickly. I love it when restaurants offer something of value for free, like when The Pizza Kitchen gave away food on their birthday in August. My wife and I had eaten at Salsarita’s before, using half-price gift certificates we bought over the summer. Couponing websites are all the rage lately.

Salsarita's - my free burrito Salsarita's - my free chicken burrito, minus a bite We were allowed to choose either a small chicken, beef or vegetable burrito. We both picked chicken. Even with a full house, we were served and seated with enough time for my wife to get to the Knoxville Choral Society’s weekly rehearsal.

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