Named Desire

Most of the news articles that turn up in the daily Google alert for my name have to do with criminal trials in Detroit at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. There are also plenty about the Irish rugby player and occasionally some about the retired president of Catholic Charities in St. Petersburg.

As I wrote in 2008, I occasionally spot something that surprises me. Back then it was a Massachusetts funeral director who was streaming video of services over the Internet. Yesterday I was fascinated by a Frank Murphy who drives a streetcar for the Toronto Transit Commission. For 28 years, that Frank Murphy has been cracking jokes on the intercom as he drives his route. Google alerted me that he was profiled in the Toronto Sun.

I completely understand Frank’s passion. When I visited Walt Disney World during my senior year of high school, I identified with the parking lot tram driver and the Jungle Cruise captain who entertained their passengers. Three months ago, my wife and I had a great time on Ride the Ducks of Seattle because of driver Helen Wheels.

I don’t know who could organize the vehicles and insurance but it might make for a good charity fundraiser if we got my improv buddies together and offered a comedic driving tour of Knoxville.

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