Low and Behold

Robert Duvall is the reason my wife and I went to see “Get Low” at the Regal Downtown West Cinema on Sunday. Bill Murray is the reason I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, Duvall gives an outstanding, Oscar-worthy performance that fulfilled my high expectations. Murray adds some unexpected humor to his role as funeral director Frank Quinn.

Duvall plays Felix Bush, a hermit who requests a “funeral party” before his death. He wants to hear what people have to say about him. Do many people plan their own funerals? I’ve thought about the music I would want but that’s about it. Every so often I hear a song at church that inspires me to add it to the playlist, except that I have neglected to write them down. I can remember three: Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” Becker’s “Litany of the Saints” and Temple’s “Make Me A Channel of Your Peace.”

The movie is fictional but it was inspired by the true story of a Roane County man who attended his own funeral in 1938. Duvall seems especially proud of his work in “Get Low.” When my friend Maureen mentioned that she had a friend who was on a morning show in Tennessee, Duvall said, “do they want to interview me?”

Maureen and Mr. Duvall became acquainted last year following the charity horse show that she held on her farm in Middleburg, Virginia. Robert and his wife Luciana heard about the successful event and asked Maureen to help them stage some fundraisers for the Robert Duvall Children’s Fund. Next up is a silent auction at Fox Chase Farm on October 16.

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