Grin and Beer It

Smoky Mountain Cheese - Randall Mitchell serves samples of Beer Cheese at Hardin Valley Food City Years from now, Randall Mitchell may think that the recession was the best thing that ever happened to him. He was an unemployed construction worker whose beer cheese was a hit with his camping buddies. One of them, Dr. Steve Koplow, urged him to start selling the spicy spread. It struck me as a classic American dream; the homemade food so good that everyone says to market it.

They figured out how to get all the FDA and USDA approvals for Randall’s recipe, now branded as Smoky Mountain Cheese. In July, they took a huge step forward when they got Food City to carry the product. Save-A-Lot and Stater Bros. were next to sign on. They have ordered a custom-made costume of their mascot, Barley the Bull. It should arrive soon.

Smoky Mountain Cheese - Beer Cheese truck, underage consumption allowed I met Randall on Friday at a Hardin Valley Academy pep rally at Food City where he was offering samples. He had broccoli and crackers that could be dipped or spread with Beer Cheese. He assured me that UT food scientists had tested the product and verified all the alcohol is cooked off. As a result, under age consumption is allowed. It says so on the back of his truck.

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