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When Daryl Hulce gave his presentation about safe online surfing to the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association last February, I got the concept right away. When they asked for volunteers to help spread the word, I raised my hand. The FBI-SOS program is a free Internet safety program for school kids. It is run by Nova Southeastern University and has been vetted by the FBI. The students are quizzed on information they find in an online scavenger hunt. The faster they correctly answer questions, the higher their score. Trophies are awarded to the top-scoring schools each month.

Frank Murphy interviews Stacie Bohanan and Daryl Hulce about the FBI-SOS program - Daryl was back in Knoxville this past week. He came to the FBIKCAAA meeting and demonstrated the new version of the FBI-SOS website, which is now open to students in the third through eighth grades. While he was in town, I recorded a public-affairs radio show with him and FBI Public Affairs Specialist Stacie Bohanan. Our goal is to get more schools to implement the free program.

I offered to post a podcast of the show for the benefit of those outside the Knoxville area and for those who may have missed this morning’s broadcast. I think that offer, coupled with the time I posted a podcast of my interview with Special Agent in Charge Rick Lambert, may be the reason the president of our local Citizens Academy alumni chapter asked me to be chairman of the new website committee. Step one: get a website.

Media file: Frank-Murphy-Interviews-StacieBohanan&DarylHulceAboutFBI-SOS-10-03-10.mp3

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