Espresso Soap from The Rabbit Food in Sevierville Quick, what is this? A delicious piece of banana cake? A Rice Krispies treat? A bar of soap? On any given day, Twitter and Facebook have multiple complaints from people whose coffee tastes like soap. But what about soap that’s made with coffee?

My colleague Paul Moore received a bar of handmade espresso soap from Geanine Cruise of The Rabbit Food, a natural and organic market in Sevierville. In a “let’s get Mikey” moment, Paul gave me the soap to try first. If I like it, he will get his own bar from Geanine.

Espresso Soap from The Rabbit Food in Sevierville I half-expected to be hit with an overpowering eye-opening aroma as soon as the soap got wet. It was not a caffeine-effect that I felt but a scrubbing sensation. The coffee beans are there to act as an exfoliant. The rough texture will take some getting used to. I’ve always used plain old Ivory Soap in the shower.

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