Don’t Mess with the Drohan

Jamie Lynn Drohan was a surprise guest-star at The Pick & Grin fundraiser last month. She had been at another event and then came by to support her colleague Tearsa Smith. We insisted that she perform with us after learning that she had majored in Musical Theatre & Speech at Wagner College in New York.

WATE's Jamie Lynn Drohan and Frank Murphy at a "cupcake Tweetup" on 9/30/10 WATE's Jamie Lynn Drohan holds list of attendees at a "cupcake Tweetup" on 9/30/10 Jamie Lynn and I got to talking about New York at a “cupcake tweetup” on Thursday. She acknowledged that her college speech courses helped her overcome her New Jersey accent. She can still slip back into it when speaking with relatives. As I kid, I chose not to develop a Noo Yawk New York accent by emulating the speech patterns of TV newscasters instead of my own relatives.

Since Jamie Lynn had worked on local TV in the Jersey suburbs, I wondered if she knew of meteorologist Nick Gregory. He was a year ahead of me in high school and used to write weather forecasts for the student newspaper. He and I were also both active in the ITV Club. Jamie Lynn knew who I meant and knew of someone who reports traffic for the station where Nick works.

Jamie Lynn was preparing to give her mother a bit of a culture shock later that day. They were both going to the Cotton Eyed Joe, a local nightclub, where Jamie Lynn is learning a country-western dance routine for an upcoming fundraiser to benefit Horse Haven of Tennessee.

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