Delayed Viewing Ratio

The list of most-recorded shows during premiere week got me thinking about my own DVR. I was one of the 3.374 million people who recorded the premiere of “Hawaii Five-0” and watched it within a week. In fact, I started watching before it was finished recording. My wife, however, watched the same episode via On Demand. That was her only choice. I had deleted it from our DVR when I saw it in the On Demand menu.

Yesterday I deleted two episodes of “Boardwalk Empire,” figuring that I could watch them On Demand also. Am I missing something? The HBO series has received high praise but I was not enthralled with the first two episodes. “Dexter,” on the other hand, has me looking forward to every new episode. It is one of the shows that I am completely caught up on.

Because I went out of town for a weekend and then was fairly busy this past weekend, I am starting to get behind on the shows I planned to watch. The following shows have at least two unwatched episodes on my DVR: “No Ordinary Family,” “Better with  You,” “Bones,” “Chuck,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Should I keep them or dump them?

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