Cake Takes the Pie

The cake versus pie debate is a no-brainer for me. I like pie but I love cake. A younger generation, my daughter included, is being swayed toward pie by the cleverly crude cartoons of Allie Brosh.

Some indecisive genius in Philadelphia came up with the idea of baking a pie halfway and then covering it with cake batter. Twice. She put a pumpkin pie inside a chocolate cake and an apple pie into a yellow cake. The Pumpple Cake’s layers are stacked and slathered with massive amounts of buttercream (not But-R-Creme).

Hoda Kotb
and Kathie Lee Gifford sampled the awesomeness earlier this week on their “Today Show” extension. I’ve got to be honest. It looks delicious. At 1,800 calories per slice, how could it not?

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