Brown, Rice

The sporting events on the big screen at the Wild Wing Café last night weren’t baseball or football. They were the reward and immunity challenges on “Survivor: Nicaragua.” One game looked like a cross between skee ball and Plinko. The other resembled a medieval torture device.

Chase Rice from "Survivor: Nicaragua" performs at the Wild Wing Café Chase Rice was in attendance and got cheers when he was on-screen. He avoided elimination despite being on the team that had to go to tribal council. Chase wasn’t there to talk about the show but to play country music after the episode. A guy in the audience came up on stage to help him sing a song with the lyric “wish I was 21,” which probably didn’t refer to the 21st season of “Survivor.” I think the actual sheet music for the song must include the phrase “insert local team name here.” Chase obliged with a shout-out to the Vols.

Chase Rice from "Survivor: Nicaragua" and Frank Murphy at the Wild Wing Café One of his original songs amused me even though it’s a breakup song. Chase said he wrote it because it’s not always the guy who does the girl wrong. After the set, he told me that “Kiss My A–” is about a girl he dated in Asheville, NC. He also said that the song is on YouTube.

Chase’s song reminded me of a song about one of my cousins. In high school, she dated a guy named Chris Brown (I know, right?) who was in a local band. When they broke up he wrote a song about her that went “what a waste of a pretty face, what a downright rotten sin.” A couple of weeks ago, I was amazed to see a reference to Bookends on the Facebook page of a childhood friend. They mostly do covers but “What a Waste” is still on their playlist.

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