Besting Out All Over

The East Tennessee’s Best poll in the New Sentinel starts with a fill-in-the-blank test. The multiple-choice quiz comes later. To make it through both rounds and be named one of the final three is fantastic. I am immensely complimented to have been chosen as a top-three blogger for four consecutive years. Once again, I am among excellent company. This year, the other runner-up was Cynthia Moxley and the top vote-getter was Katie Allison Granju, who wrote heart-breaking posts about the death of her son Henry.

This is the second year that the readers voted on Best Local Tweeter. The winners were Wes Rucker, Cynthia Moxley and Tearsa Smith. As a fan of local news, one of the first categories I look at is Best TV Anchor. Congratulations to winner Robin Wilhoit and runners-up Russell Biven and Abby Ham. And last but not least, my co-hosts and I were once again honored in the radio category. This year’s winners were Marshall & Marisa. I humbly and sincerely thank all those who voted.

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