All Righty Then

A team-building exercise at my daughter’s office could win her a $5 Starbucks card this week. The boss asked the employees to share a story about their most memorable birthday. My daughter asked me to scan and email a picture from her tenth birthday.

My wife and I had planned to take Meaghan and some of her friends to a “grown-up” restaurant like The SmokeHouse or The Castaway for her birthday that year. Our plans changed when I found out I had to work.

KROQ had been chosen to promote the world premiere of “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.” Earlier that year we had done the same thing for another Jim Carrey film, “Batman Forever.” Kevin & Bean were the red carpet hosts. They would briefly interview the stars as they arrived. My job was to recognize the celebrities as they approached, escort them to the riser and hand the correct index card to Kevin & Bean. Years later, my cousin Beth said that she thought she once saw me on the E! channel, offering my hand to Nicole Kidman. That was real, I explained.

Birthday girl Meaghan with Jim Carrey at the "Ace Ventura 2" premiere party The marketing representative from Warner Bros. was more than sympathetic to my plight. She gave me enough premiere tickets for us to move the birthday party to the Village Theater in Westwood. After the screening, we took Meaghan and her friends to the after-party at a nearby venue. The stars had a VIP area roped off for them. It was relatively easy to get Jim Carrey’s attention and ask him to lean forward for a picture with the birthday girl.

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