A Savory Choice

The flyer for the annual Hoedown at All Saints Church said to bring a dessert without nuts. I realized my contribution would be a hit minutes after putting it in my shopping cart on Friday afternoon, and not just because of the initials.

Apple Stack Cake at All Saints Church annual hoedown Apple Stack Cake at All Saints Church annual hoedown I was perusing the bakery department at Food City when the girl behind the counter suggested I take a look at the apple stack cakes she had recently placed on a table down by the deli department cash register. Several of the employees and customers asked me about the cake as I did the rest of my shopping and then paid for my groceries. They all said they thought it would taste as good as it looked.

Apple Stack Cake at All Saints Church annual hoedown Apple stack cakes are a Southern dessert that I recall reading about in the News Sentinel and seeing Chef Walter prepare on television recently. The consistency of the cake in their recipes seemed to be thicker and closer to a biscuit than the cake I bought, which was made with an excellent white layer cake. The powdered sugar on top tends to disappear into the cake. My wife put some extra on top when we got to the parish hall.

The main course at the hoedown was pulled pork sandwiches. I could tell by the sauce that the food was from M&M Catering. Ida, the event chair, said that the folks at M&M asked if they should add a tray of chicken to the order for people like me. Fortunately they didn’t do so. They had more than enough food this year. Last year they ran short and had to go get more.

For the second year in a row, my attempt at square dancing left me a little dizzy. Last year I blamed it on a visit to the firing range. This year I am blaming caffeine withdrawal. Next year I will bring my own coffee to the hoedown.

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