War and Remembrance

cover of funeral program for Captain Terence S. Hatton, FDNY Rescue 1 During the wake for my cousin Terry Hatton, his father described Terry’s death as a casualty of war. Terry was captain of FDNY Rescue 1. He was one of the many brave firefighters to run into the burning World Trade Center after it had been attacked by terrorists.

Lance Harwell performed with Einstein Simplified for several years before joining the Air Force. He is stationed at Bagram Airfield and serves on an MC-12W in Project Liberty. A week ago he sent me an email offering to fly an American flag during a mission over Afghanistan on September 11 in honor of my cousin. I thank Lance and all those who dedicate their lives to protecting our safety and freedom.

Lance Harwell displays flag flown over Afghanistan and dedicated to FDNY Captain Terry Hatton

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