Three Big Dog Night

It was a thrill for me to have a former boss in the audience at last night’s Einstein Simplified show. I felt a bit like the opposite of Mark Thompson’s character in “Mother Ghost.” That guy is angry over his father’s failure to attend any of his Little League baseball games. I was psyched to have a mentor see me perform.

I’ve worked for some well-known program directors in my career. Mark St. John has always been a favorite because he was supportive of me as I transitioned from assistant promotion director to morning show producer at WAVA. He let me try other things too. He taught me how to use the music-scheduling software and had me edit the logs when he and the music director were both out of town. Other bosses have unwittingly pigeon-holed me into one role. St. John saw me as versatile.

Radio is a small world. I work for a company that utilizes Mark’s services as a radio consultant. The job brings him to Knoxville once or twice a year. This year it happened to work out that he arrived on a Tuesday and could make it to The Square Room. His decision to attend inspired Paul Moore of Q93 and Darren Stephens of Hot 104.5 to come to the show too.

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