Stellar Dough-reo

Wade Shows fried dough & Oreo concession stand at Tennessee Valley Fair deep fried Oreos coming out of the oil at Tennessee Valley Fair It seems to have gotten easier to find a Deep Fried Oreo at the Tennessee Valley Fair. When I finally found some last year, I had to talk an independent vendor into selling me just two instead of four. This year, Oreos were readily available at a Wade Shows concession stand. The posted price was six for $5 but they were happy to sell me one for $1.

deep fried Oreos with extra bits of dough that looked like frog legs or other critters elephant ear being fried at Tennessee Valley Fair funnel cake being fried at Tennessee Valley Fair Another family placed an order right before I did. Fresh out of the fryer, their Oreos had the shape of frog legs or perhaps some of the critters I find in my pool. While I waited for my lone Oreo to cool, the women working the deep fryer told me that they sell mostly elephant ears in the North and mostly funnel cakes in the South. The uncooked elephant ear looks like pizza dough.

heavily sugared deep fried Oreo at Tennessee Valley Fair unaware that I put my face too close to the powdered sugar on my deep fried Oreo I think they gave me enough powdered sugar for six Oreos. Or I should say I figured that out when my wife insisted I take a picture of myself to see what I looked like.

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