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NuVal press conference at Food City - Steve Smith at podium Steve Smith of Food City doesn’t know that I fancy myself to someday be another Chef Walter or another Ken Schwall. However, he may have started to realize it after meeting me and hearing my questions at his press conference on Monday. The Tombras Group invited me to attend the event to learn more about the introduction of the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System at Food City. I will be voicing some endorsement commercials for them next month.

NuVal press conference at Food City - bananas receive a NuVal score of 91, as posted in the lower right hand corner of the price sign NuVal press conference at Food City - Banana Creme Pudding & Pie Filling has a NuVal score of only 1 NuVal is an independent research company in Braintree, Massachusetts. They developed an algorithm that assigns a number between 1 and 100 to thousands of food products. The higher the number, the better it is for you. For example, bananas score an excellent 91 on the scale but Banana Creme Pudding & Pie Filling gets a measly 1. The new TV spot sums it up perfectly. A mother and father tell their kids that if they eat their 85s and 94s, they can have a slice of 13 later.

NuVal press conference at Food City - photographers and Tearsa Smith The three news stations sent cameras. WATE also sent Tearsa Smith to cover the announcement. The Knoxville News Sentinel sent a photographer and business reporter Carly Harrington, who took copious notes for her article. She posted a blog entry too.

Public relations executive Laura Bower urged those of us present to ask questions, which she may now regret. Tearsa asked a legitimate question and so did I but when things started to slow down, I asked another one as a joke: “Can I earn some of those Fuel Bucks Rewards by getting a higher NuVal score?”

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  1. Laura Bower says:

    Frank, I’m glad you asked questions — even the goofy ones! NuVal is a great program. Thanks for being one of Food City’s de facto brand ambassadors.

    Great post :)


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