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i-100 bumper sticker at Chilhowee Park For most people, it doesn’t feel like they’ve been to the Tennessee Valley Fair until they’ve eaten a corn dog or taken a ride on the Ferris Wheel. While I will seek out a deep-fried Oreo, it is something else that triggers my memories of previous visits. One of the restrooms in the exhibit hall behind the Homer Hamilton Theatre has an i-100 bumper sticker that is in amazingly good condition, especially considering its location. Each year when I see it, I am surprised that I had forgotten about it, yet I am immediately reminded of seeing it each year before.

Uncle Kracker greets fans before performing at 2010 Tennessee Valley Fair last year's Fairest (Victoria Kelly) and Junior Fairest (Haleigh Crabtree) of the Fair with Jasper and Tyler I went to the fair on Friday night to go on stage and introduce Uncle Kracker. Before the concert, I saw him posing for pictures with fans. When I got to the stage, they asked me to bring out last year’s Fairest of the Fair Victoria Kelly, Junior Fairest of the Fair Haleigh Crabtree and mascot Jasper the Rooster, who was accompanied by his handler Tyler. I thought of the girls’ enormous tiaras the next night when I heard that the 2010 pageant was interrupted by lightning in the area.

The Berry-Go-Round, which should obviously be called the Apple-Go-Round My wife and I saw a Berry-Go-Round being transported on I-40 a couple of weeks ago. We were confused by the name because the so-called berries look just like apples.

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