Hootie Hoo

Normally I don’t turn on the TV when I am getting ready for church on a Sunday morning but this week was an exception. I wanted to see the weather report before the big outdoor Mass at All Saints Church. I also would not normally look at the program guide for non-HD channels but I knew that there was a local weather channel somewhere on that grid. While searching for it, I found something that interested me more.

One of the Showtime networks was airing a film called “Mother Ghost.” I knew the title and put it on for a while. I had missed the beginning and had to leave before it ended. A quick search of the listings revealed that it would be repeated later in the week. I set my DVR and went about my business.

Mark Thompson in "Mother Ghost" (photo used by permission of Mark Thompson) The movie stars and was written by Mark Thompson of Mark & Brian on KLOS. What really impressed me was the all-star cast: Kevin Pollak, Dana Delany, David Keith, Charles Durning, Garry Marshall, Jere Burns and James Franco. Every scene has a recognizable face. It was also fun for me to watch the scenes that were filmed at the KABC/KLOS studios on La Cienega Boulevard.

David Keith in "Mother Ghost" (photo used by permission of Mark Thompson) Mark plays a man having difficulty dealing with his mother’s death. He gets help from a radio psychologist played by Kevin Pollak. His wife, played by Dana Delany, and his father, played by Charles Durning, are tuned in. Knoxville’s David Keith plays the program director unhappy with the shrink’s shrinking ratings. Keith often includes an acknowledgment of his favorite college team in his movies. This time, he is wearing an orange and white tie. In fact, the Tennessee Vols are thanked for the tie in the closing credits.

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