Grin and Tonic

The turnout of local media personalities at The Pick & Grin was impressive. Erin Donovan, Jamie Lynn Drohan, Sarah Herron, Tyler Ivens, Ashley Johnston, Whitney Kent, Michele Silva and Tearsa Smith all briefly put their credibility on hold so they could get laughs to benefit Guitars Not Guns. They had all responded to Taz Cable’s invitation to participate in the event on Thursday night at Latitude 35.

I helped organize the comedy portion of the evening. Rather than leave the local celebrities hanging out to dry, I invited some experienced improvisers to help. Brad Bumgardner, Todd Covert, Dave Fennell, Greg Huff, James Newport and Krisha Newport all donated their time and talent.

The Pick & Grin - Frank as emcee of K-Town Comedy Hour I found myself in the role of emcee, although I would have loved to perform with the newscasters. At least I did get to do one scene with Ashley Johnston while Todd and Krisha provided our Inner Thoughts.  Earlier, as the leader of the Conducted Story, I accidentally hit Michele Silva’s face when she leaned too far forward.

Tearsa Smith killed when she danced like MC Hammer in a game of Lassie. She played a dog who could only bark and pantomime to explain who was with Little Timmy and what they were doing. The suggestion was that Hammer and Timmy had somehow lost his famous harem pants.

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