Don’t Say the Text!

Lori Tucker and Frank Murphy at Knoxville Catholic High School for the Second Harvest Food Bank High School Football Challenge on September 24, 2010 Knoxville Catholic High School’s football team took a drubbing from Webb School of Knoxville on Friday night. My wife and I saw a lot of people we know at the game. I was there to join Lori Tucker in announcing the winner of the 6 Shares High School Football Challenge. Webb won that too, though Second Harvest Food Bank was the real winner with over 112,000 pounds of food collected by the two schools.

Late in the game, my wife and I were chatting with two of the guys who run the concession stands as Bishop Richard Stika and Deacon Sean Smith walked past. The bishop stopped short and took a step back to look me in the eye. “You got me in trouble” he said jokingly. The bishop went on to say that my blog post about Cardinal Justin Rigali’s eventual retirement plans had been noticed by the secular press before the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was ready to make an announcement. I pointed out that I had copied and pasted a quote from Bishop Stika’s own blog. He said it was the words “Southern Cardinal” in my headline that caused a stir. It was merely a twist on the official name of the red bird, which is Northern Cardinal, I explained.

My favorite part of the story is something my wife noticed while Bishop Stika and I were talking. She said that the concession guys slowly backed away when they heard the bishop start to “scold” me. They probably didn’t realize that the bishop and I have spoken before.  On Friday, we had been chatting at halftime about St. Louis ice cream parlors. I even made some mild jokes at his expense at a Catholic Charities dinner in March, so I had it coming.

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