Before the Name Goes On

Garry Marshall in "Mother Ghost" (photo used by permission of Mark Thompson) In the movie “Mother Ghost,” Garry Marshall and Charles Durning play two old guys who seem to enjoy griping at each other. They sell baseball memorabilia to raise money for their grandchildren’s Little League teams. In a key plot point, they are listening to a radio show hosted by Kevin Pollak’s character when Mark Thompson’s character calls in. I watched the whole movie yesterday after seeing a little bit of it on Sunday.

Their retro transistor radio looks similar to one I received as a gift this summer. My lovely daughter was antique shopping in upstate New York when she sent me a photo of an expensive table-top model. I told her it cost too much for me. When I saw her a week later, she surprised me with an authentic Zenith Royal 500 transistor radio.

Zenith Royal 500 transistor radio next to my pool I imagine that in its heyday, the radio’s original owner may have carried it to the pool or the beach to hear surf classics by The Fantastic Baggys or other such groups. It may have been to few baseball games too, perhaps delivering the words of Lindsey Nelson, Ralph Kiner or Bob Murphy to a loyal Mets fan like myself.

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