Trigger Fingers

The obvious perk of doing endorsement commercials for Massage Envy is that I get to go in for a massage every so often. Shoulder muscles sore from swimming and a twinge of back pain prompted me to call for an appointment on Sunday.

The staff members at the front desk were very kind. They told me that they regularly book new clients who were prompted to call by my spots. Business is so good that they hired additional therapists. Even with the expanded staff, I was lucky to get the last available appointment of the day.

While I filled out my paperwork, one of the therapists opened the door to the lobby. The file for her next appointment was in her hand. She looked at it, then at me and asked, “Are you Adam?” I told her no and then said the easy joke to the front desk staff, “She doesn’t know me from Adam.”

The therapist I had on Sunday likes the steady work at Massage Envy. Previously she had worked at spas and had her own practice. Nowadays she can focus on the work without having to recruit clients or pay overhead costs. I was impressed with her knowledge. I can use a lot of what she told me as fodder for upcoming radio commercials. She takes continuing education programs, most recently to learn trigger point massage, which she used on the knots in the muscles above and below my shoulder blade. She also learned to gently “pinch” the sternocleidomastoid muscle for relief of some headaches and neck pain. Now all I need to do is practice pronouncing sternocleidomastoid.

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  1. Keith Ely says:

    In other words she preformed the “Vulcan nerve grip” on you.

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