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Taz Cable reached out to the local media folks who have been guests on his “Bowl of Oh!” show. Would we participate in a fundraiser for a charity called Guitars Not Guns? He used the magic word that made me instantly say yes, “improv.”

The event, called The Pick and Grin, will be held on Thursday, September 2 at Latitude 35. The itinerary for the evening includes music by The Dead Ringers, a live auction and the K-Town Comedy Hour.

Four of my colleagues at the radio ranch and three local news anchors have signed on, as has Ashley Johnston from “The Biggest Loser.” I offered to teach a few improv games to Ashley, Marc, Kim, Gretchen, T the ROP, Tearsa Smith, Michele Silva and Erin Donovan. I also asked any available members of Einstein Simplified to help out. About half the troupe will miss the event because of their annual trek to Dragon*Con.

Now I have to figure out which improv games would best showcase the talents of the TV and radio people. Any suggestions?

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