Spushi, Spushi

It’s now commonplace for airplane passengers to bring their own food aboard the flight. My wife and I bought salads in the SeaTac airport before our flight to Baltimore last month. Another product in the refrigerator case made me smile and remember an old radio bit.

Spam Musabi at SeaTac airport Spam Musabi is grilled spam on top of rice, wrapped in seaweed. I learned that it’s a popular snack in Hawaii several years ago during a very silly radio bit. The station was giving away a trip to Maui and I thought it would be funny to place a live call there. I found the number of a 24-hour gas station and convenience store called Lahainaluna Shell. You can tell it’s an old bit by the gas prices quoted in the aircheck.

aircheck from Oldies 95.7 - Ashley & Murphy in the Morning - call to Lahainaluna Shell

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