Peep Out Front Shoulda Told Me

Peeps & Company - first view of Peeps sign while descending to waterfront The Awakening sculpture at National Harbor What was nearly a Clark Griswold moment turned into an Elvis Presley moment for me at Peeps & Company in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It’s the only store of its kind in the world for now. More will eventually pop up in San Francisco and other big cities with upscale retails developments. The first Marshmallow Peeps store is on the Potomac, near the relocated “The Awakening” sculpture.

Peeps & Company - Frank just before going downstairs to the store Peeps & Company - store closed after power outage My son and I walked up to the front door just as David, the store manager, was locking it. The man in the “signature tie-dye shirt” was also posting a handwritten sign saying that they would reopen later, during the afternoon rush hour that we wanted to avoid. I looked him in the eye and said, “you have no idea how important this is to me.” Realizing that I must be one of those Peeps fanatics, he let us in and locked the door behind us.

A power outage the night before had put them a day behind in reconciling their sales. David and his staff needed to close out yesterday’s books before the Friday evening crowds descended upon National Harbor. During Thursday’s severe storms, I posted a joke on Twitter that said “I hope the Marshmallow Peeps store doesn’t get hit by lightning. That would be tragically delicious.” I told David about my joke and about my effort at Peeps brûlée in April.

Peeps & Company - David Ottogalli's "Bunny Chaos" with one fallen off I liked the original artwork created by David Ottogalli, as recently seen on “Kid in a Candy Store.” If I were inclined to buy a nice wall hanging, I would make sure to buy a piece inside a shadow box. I wouldn’t want to rip a Peep off the canvas, as appears to have happened on one of the pieces for sale in the store.

Peeps & Company - Chocolate Peepsters and Chocolate Covered Peeps Peeps & Company - cell phone photo of Peeps coffee mug My son and I had the store to ourselves for half an hour. I bought myself a Peep covered in dark chocolate and a few of the new Peepsters, which are marshmallow filled chocolates. I couldn’t resist a souvenir coffee mug which had an American flag and the Peeps logo on it. I sent a picture and a sarcastic text to my wife that read, “too bad I don’t know anyone who loves flags, Peeps and coffee.” We were told that our Elvis-like shopping experience was over when the head cashier said, “you’re going to have to leave the store while I open my drawers.” You can guess how I responded and you’d probably be right.

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