Know What I Mean?

Vern Lindsey made a cue card with the recipe for baked French toast Vern Lindsay invited me to be a guest on his cooking show about a year ago. Then his kitchen flooded and everything was put on hold while it was rebuilt. We finally taped the show on Thursday. Once it is edited, it will appear on the Charter Main Street channel.

I could choose to cook anything I wanted. Of the things I like to cook, I thought chili and BBQ would take too long. Omelettes would be ideal. Vern said to buy whatever groceries I needed and he would reimburse me. With that caveat, I decided to kick things up a notch with a pound of Benton’s Bacon.

The famous bacon was in short supply when I stopped in at the Strawberry Fields Market on my way to Vern’s house. I bought the last pound they had. Robin Wheeler told me that demand was exceeding supply and that it might be a while before she got more in stock. You can’t rush the dry-curing and smoking process.

Vern Lindsey and Frank Murphy taping a cooking show for Charter Main Street Once the taping started, I showed Vern how to bake the bacon. I first tried and liked the method after my field trip to Benton’s in March. Then I cooked some omelettes, describing how each person could customize the ingredients. The choice of sauce and cheese determined if it was a BBQ, Italian or Mexican omelette.

Vern Lindsey gets a whiff of his baked French toast Vern Lindsey garnishes baked French toast with maple raspberry sauce At the end of the show, Vern made a baked French toast with a maple and raspberry sauce on top, using fresh bread from the Old Mill Bread Company. It made my sweet tooth happy.

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