Hamster Dance

“Congratulations to you both. How did your wife take it?” joked my friend Bean. He was reacting to the Twitter posts announcing that Abby Ham is pregnant. “Like a trooper,” was my response. My wife later told me that she got a good laugh over the comments.

Regular blog reader Keith called me this morning to make sure I had heard. He had read the good news about Abby and her husband Herby on Facebook. I told Keith that I had a few suspicions thanks to some completely different Facebook posts. A few of Abby’s co-workers uploaded photos from Kay Watson’s recent wedding. I thought that Abby had a certain glow in the pictures.

Abby Ham & Frank Murphy at 2010 Radiothon for Children's Hospital In April, my wife teased me by saying I looked like I could be Abby’s father. So would that make her child my grandanchor?

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