Every Time a Doorbell Rings

Fr. Michael Woods has a big idea. He wants all the members of All Saints Catholic Church to attend the same Mass on August 29. The large gathering will be held outdoors, on the lawn between the church and Cedar Bluff Road, starting at 10:00 a.m. It will be the only Mass offered at All Saints that day, although there will be a vigil Mass the evening before.

The parish-wide Mass will be the culmination of a week of prayer. Parishioners have been asked to commit to one hour of prayer in the church during the week of August 22. Sign-up sheets are gradually getting filled as people select their time slot. Overnights will be harder to fill. My son pointed out that late night and early morning hours of devotion are easier to fill at the Catholic Student Center on his college campus.

The most challenging part of Fr. Michael’s plan involves spreading the word. He placed baskets in the sanctuary containing slips of paper with the names and addresses of the approximately 2400 registered parish families. He asked those of us at Mass to take names from the baskets and then go knocking on doors. He wants us to tell those we visit that we will be praying for them during the week of prayer and that they are invited to attend the outdoor Mass on August 29. I need to make some time in the next week to go to the addresses I grabbed out of the basket, unless you think that writing a blog post will suffice.

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6 Responses to Every Time a Doorbell Rings

  1. Frank says:

    I’m looking forward to this!

  2. Frank Murphy says:

    6 Parishioner visits: 1 home, 2 not home, 1 now Episcopal, 1 moved six years ago but new resident is a Catholic married to a Baptist, 1 wrong address but the right guy was just next door…

  3. Frank says:

    Wow…”one moved six years ago?!” Good work Frank!

  4. Frank Murphy says:

    My wife and I found it helpful to bring along copies of the church bulletin. We highlighted the part about the week of prayer and the outdoor Mass and left the paper behind for them to follow up.

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