Chocolate Chips

An innocuous comment of mine on Twitter and Facebook generated an unexpectedly huge response on Friday. We’ve all heard the expression “do fries go with that shake,” however I didn’t realize that people put their fries into their shake, specifically their Frosty at Wendy’s. Was it a Southern thing? Even Wendy’s responded on Twitter. “It’s global,” they said. After nearly 100 responses on Twitter and my Facebook accounts, I decided to go to Wendy’s and try this taste sensation for myself.

  • Christina Silvers: I’m from Ohio and everyone there dips the fry into the Frosty
  • Mary Green: Better than coffee and oatmeal! Lol!
  • Wes Hope: Fries have to be hot, crispy and salty for best results. Don’t know if it’s Southern or not… I wasn’t born here.
  • Janet Delaney Elliott: Did it all the time when I was on the nest!
  • Zane Hagy: I was a manager at Wendy’s during my college years. Would be safe to say I saw them eaten that way every night. NEVER tempted to try it.
  • Betsy Pickle: Which came first: Deep-fried ice cream or Frosty fry-dipping? Both sound disgusting.
  • Lori Tucker: My daughters used to do that in high school. But then, they would dip fries in just about anything.
  • Patrick M. Tallent: Dave Thomas got his start at Regas in downtown Knoxville. You could technically say that Wendy’s itself is a Southern thing. And yes, I do Frosty fries.
  • Denae D’Arcy: Dang you @FrankMurphyCom I’m craving fries dipped in a Frosty now.
  • Kathi Dougherty: and I love to put M&M’s in my popcorn at the movies!

my wife dips a french fry in our shared Frosty I didn’t know that dipping french fries into a Frosty was such a big deal. Over 98,000 people have “liked” the concept on Facebook. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I usually like the combination of sweet and salty but I thought that the fries were not that salty and the Frosty wasn’t that sweet. My wife makes great cracker candy with Flipsides and dark chocolate. I love Benton’s bacon covered in dark chocolate. Maybe it’s that a Frosty barely has any chocolate in it.

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