Wyoming? Why Certainly!

Take the stair car to the Tetons An airport employee told me to stop taking pictures and go inside the terminal. Although Jackson Hole and Teton Village served as only a brief stopover for my wife and me, the two neighboring places are a great vacation destination. Wyoming was the 44th state on my personal quest to visit all 50. We only saw a corner of it but what a great corner it was. Jackson Hole seemed almost like a cowboy version of the Hamptons, except that it has a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium.

The area is primarily a ski resort but we encountered a few people who summer there. One woman seemed embarrassed that I recognized her Long Island accent. She and I were both ordering coffee drinks at the Tully’s Coffee inside Albertsons. She asked for “cawfee,” with the first vowel sounding like “awe.” When I asked where she was from, she said “here,” which I didn’t buy for one second. She finally fessed up that she and her family were from Garden City and spent summers in Jackson Hole.

Room 313 of The Hostel Room 313 of The Hostel The area resorts looked pricey. My wife found us cheap lodging in The Hostel, a no-frills place that suited our needs perfectly. Our king-sized bed was actually two twin beds pushed together. They call it “cowboy style.” Really.

The Hostel in Teton Village, Wyoming coffee pots in the lobby of The Hostel Their Internet wasn’t working the night we were there, which meant that I didn’t have to pay the extra $5 for it. Instead I went next door to The Mangy Moose, where I could get online for free.

hot air balloon near Teton Village Teton Village hot air balloons As we packed the car the next morning, three hot air balloons dotted the sky. We listened to some bad local radio as we drove through Grand Teton National Park, headed for our next stop… Yellowstone.

sign at entrance to Grand Teton National Park Frank at the Grand Tetons

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