Which Duck Tour Told Me What to Do

According to my friend Bean, Ride the Ducks of Seattle was one of the few, if not the only tour of its kind in operation last Thursday. Similar tours around the nation were suspended that day due to a tragic accident in Philadelphia.

Our captain used the name, “Helen Wheels,” which is also sometimes used by radio traffic reporters and roller derby skaters. Her enthusiasm and even her looks reminded me of two female improvisers I know. Most of the other captains finish their tour with “YMCA.” Helen uses the more contemporary “I Gotta Feeling.” Many of the songs were appropriate for whatever we were seeing. She played “Brick House” when we rode through the area rebuilt after the infamous 1889 fire.

Seattle Duck Tour - giant eraser in sculpture garden Seattle Duck Tour - "keep clam," it's Ivar's Seattle Duck Tour - kilt store

My wife and I were seated in the back row. In her safety instructions, Helen pointed out that there were fire extinguishers at the front and the back of the vehicle. She told us that those of us in the back would have to use the extinguisher in case of emergency. To lighten the mood, Helen asked “What’s the one good thing about a fire, ladies?” The other passengers remained quiet. I didn’t want to leave her hanging, so I shouted out, “Firemen!” Helen retorted, “You have a deep voice ma’am.”

Seattle Duck Tour - this place sells exclusively to 17-year olds Seattle Duck Tour - pink elephant car wash sign Seattle Duck Tour - our Duck Tour used the buddy system as we entered Lake Union

For us, a major highlight of the tour was seeing the floating home used in “Sleepless in Seattle.” Helen said it was on the market a couple of years ago for $2.5 million.

Seattle Duck Tour - on the water with a view of the Space Needle Seattle Duck Tour - Sleepless in Seattle floating home on the left Seattle Duck Tour - Sleepless in Seattle floating home was a tour highlight

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