Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus

Hate crimes are evidence of the stupidity and ignorance of the hate criminals. St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oak Ridge was vandalized last week. I was disgusted when I read about it on Thursday morning.

I wonder if the vandals are atheists, Satanists or perhaps misguided Christians who have made no effort to understand Catholicism. Some of their slurs imply that they incorrectly assume all sexual abuse is committed by priests. In fact, the rate of abuse by priests is the same as in any other religion or group, which doesn’t minimize the tragedy. It should make us realize that abuse cannot be pigeonholed as only a Catholic problem.

As a lifelong Catholic, living in a “vibrant diocese,” I am saddened by the local anti-Catholic incidents over the past year. A group of high school students desecrated the Eucharist. A Baptist preacher distributed anti-Catholic comic books. And now vandals have struck in Oak Ridge.

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