Loe and Behold

Gary Loe has entered the world of local politics. I know Gary as a friend from church, you may recognize him from his time as an investigative reporter on WVLT. He is seeking the state assembly seat being vacated by Stacey Campfield.

In a recent phone conversation, I told Gary about Campfield’s appearance on the Penn & Teller show. It’s no surprise that Penn’s voiceover mocked Campfield’s remarks about gay-straight alliances in high schools. Did Campfield know what he was getting into? Or does he believe that any publicity is good publicity?

Campfield is now running for the state senate seat that Tim Burchett is leaving. Burchett is running for Knox County Mayor. I asked Gary Loe about Campfield’s campaign signs which appear to be an infringement upon Coca-Cola’s trademark. Gary heard that several local news organizations had attempted to contact Coke for a comment but had received no reply.

Gary Loe campaign flyer One of Gary’s campaign pieces has me amused. The paper got damaged in the mail, obliterating most of the face of a man in the crowd. Without seeing his eyes, I stared at his smile, his shirt, his tie and his belt buckle. Then my eyes moved to the right. Did he have an identical twin? There were at least two more people who had doppelgängers in the group.

Ron Leadbetter campaign flyer Another piece of mail came from one of Campfield’s opponents, Ron Leadbetter. As I glanced at it, I was struck by his resemblance to Dr. Bill Bass. Then I read the text. It wasn’t Leadbetter but an old picture of Dr. Bass himself, who has endorsed his former colleague.

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